The Roulette Gold Live Dealer World

In every game of Roulette a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel. Players need to place bets on which segment of the wheel the ball will come to rest in when the spinning stops. In land-based casinos this is done with a real-life ball and wheel, and in the usual online casino games it’s achieved through animations and Random Number Generation.

With Roulette Gold Live Dealer online games, however, a real live croupier will drop a real life ball onto a real life wheel for you. You can place your bet and then, thanks to the world-class video streaming facilities that Spin Palace uses, hold your breath as you wait to see where the ball lands and whether you have won.

It’s as close to a brick and mortar game as you can get to from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll feel as if you really are at a live game rather than playing online at Spin Palace. Roulette Gold Live Dealer offers all of the benefits of land-based casinos, with none of the crowds, queues and other disadvantages.

Roulette Gold Live Dealer Gameplay

Playing these casino games at Spin Palace is just like playing offline versions of Roulette, in terms of the game format and rules. You can still bet on the ball landing on a specific panel, on a red or black panel, on an odd- or even-numbered panel or on certain ranges of numbers.

As usual, the more specific your bet the greater the risk, and the greater the corresponding reward as well. You’ll find helpful guides and strategy charts within the games as well.

If you enjoy Roulette and want to take the action and entertainment to the next level, try the Live Dealer Gold Series games!