Festive Slots Fun

Secret Santa has 5 reels, 4 rows but is not limited with its paylines. Instead of standard paylines, it features the 1024 Ways To Win system. This means that matching symbols do not need to be in line on an active payline to register a win. Matching symbols simply need to appear on adjacent reels to trigger a win.

Betting starts at 0.50 and can be raised to a maximum of 5 on each spin.

A Double Win

Whenever you make a 5 of a kind combination, the game awards you a kind of free spin.

The matched symbols will re-spin and form a random 5 of a kind combination so that the player essentially gets a two for the price of one win.

Secret Bonus Feature

Just like a Christmas surprise, Secret Santa features special bonuses that are awarded randomly as surprise gifts.

These bonuses can take various forms but they are all great. The present is awarded after your last spin is completed.

The Wilds

Wild Reels is one of the potential presents. When you get this present three reels will become Wild and the prizes on the reels recalculated.

You can also reveal the Wild Boost present where one random kind of symbol will be turned wherever it appears on the reels and then the reels are re-evaluated.

If you uncover the Dashing Wilds present, the reels will spin again once and four wilds will become added to the reels randomly.

Unwrap Great Gifts

Finally the present can feature the Scatter Spree gift. This present makes all symbols function like scatter symbols meaning that as long as there are three or more on screen they will trigger a win.

You can get a Mystery Multiplier where your winnings will receive an added multiplier of up to 10 times its value.

Revealing the Rolling Reels present will allow any winning combination you make disappear and have the symbols on top fall down to take its place. If a new combination is formed you will receive a prize. Finally, the present can reveal 5 free spins.