The Healthy, Wealthy Road to Rewards

Wealth Spa offers online slot players something new and different. This game actually gives players the choice of which bonus game to play, based on the accumulation of golden tokens. But it’s not just the golden token that can make your day, it’s also the string of Wilds, Multipliers and Scatters that can add to your bankroll. In order to collect the much coveted golden tokens, you’ll need to keep your eye on the centre of reel 5 as once it appears there it is credited to you.

Here’s what your golden tokens can get you:

  • 1 golden token = The Smoothie Bonus where 4 fruit selections of your choice are blended to reveal a win value.
  • 2 golden tokens = The Hot Stone Bonus where choosing 2 of 5 hot stones will reveal a mystery multiplier value.
  • 3 golden tokens = The Body Wax Bonus where choosing the loudest scream out of three will be measured against the scream-o-meter.
  • 4 golden tokens = The Bath Oil Bonus where the selection of bath oils results in a deeper state of relaxation and the accumulation thereof reveals a prize.
  • 5 golden tokens = The Massage Bonus where up to 25 free spins can be awarded based on what hot spots are chosen.

Wealth Spa Online Video Slots comes with a wide betting range that will satisfy the pockets of all our casino players. Thanks to this game’s diverse profile, wins ranging between 100 000 coins in the base game and up to 200 000 thousand in the free spins feature can be achieved. This and more is available thanks to bonus games. Enjoy a wealth of winning possibilities with Spin Palace Casino and Wealth Spa Slots!