Placing A Bet

You Lucky Barstard features a single payline in the middle of the reels, which is always active so it saves slot fans the money usually required to activate multiple paylines.

All your bankroll can just be focused on betting. Wagers start at 0.10 and are capped at 10 per spin. This means that this game is great for low stakes players looking for a fun and rewarding experience.

The Bar Symbols

Starting off the You Lucky Barstard payouts are the red and yellow BAR symbols. Three yellow BAR icons are worth 2x your staked wager and 3 red BAR icons are worth 4x your staked wager.

Any combination of single, double and triple black BAR symbols will pay out 8x your staked wager.

The biggest payouts are awarded by the black BAR symbols. Three matching single BAR icons are worth 10x your wager but the double and triple BAR symbols will award up to 100x your staked wager.

Nudge And Hold Options

You Lucky Barstard features both Nudge and Hold buttons. With the Nudge option you can bump the reels to potentially land a winning combination. The Hold option lets you hold up to 2 reels and re-spin the rest to potentially make a winning combo.

These options are awarded randomly and the Nudges can be banked for later use.

Climb the Cash Ladder

The You Lucky Barstard bonus feature is triggered when you land three black BAR symbol wins in a row. You will be taken to a new screen where you can win up to 250x your staked wager.

The ladder shows different win multipliers that flash on and off, when you click on the stop button the lights will stop somewhere in the ladder and award that prize.

For classic slots entertainment at its best, give the reels of You Lucky Barstard a spin!