Atlantic City Blackjack Basics

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is quite similar to the original game of Blackjack, so it shouldn’t be difficult for players at Spin Palace to grasp. As is the case with all of these mobile casino games, you need to try for a hand total of 21, or as close to this as possible without going any higher, all whilst beating the dealer.

The extra twists in the game will appeal to the thinking enthusiasts in Ireland, and include the fact that you can re-split up to 3 times in 1 round, and can double down from the very beginning. The Dealer must stand on any total of 17 or more, and hit on any total of 16 or less, whether they are hard or soft.

The winning criteria for Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are also the same as in most other versions of Blackjack. You win if your hand total is under 21 but the Dealer busts, if your hand is higher than the dealer’s but both are under 21, and if you make Blackjack. A Blackjack draw with the Dealer results in a push.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Enhancements

The Gold Series of online and mobile casino games has updated graphics, animations and sounds, so that they are a lot more immersive. You’ll be lost in your game from wherever you are playing in Ireland, especially with the immediacy of the touchscreens.

In-game strategy charts and guidelines will help you to know what to do in every situation, and as you play more you’ll gain your own insight into what move will work out well. The more you enjoy Atlantic City Blackjack Gold on the go, the better you will be at winning its biggest payouts!

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