A Multi-Hand Poker Game with a Difference

Aces and Faces video poker is a multi-hand game that can be played with four hands all the way up to 100 hands at a time. The layout of the game is pretty much the same as most Microgaming video poker variants. The paytable is situated on the left hand side of the screen with the cards dealt in the middle and the game buttons on the bottom.

How the Game Works

In Aces and Faces video poker, players can set the number of coins from 1 up to 5 coins per hand. The computer will then deal five cards across the base of the screen. As with jacks or better poker, the aim is to create the highest possible poker hand using the cards you have been dealt. After the first draw, you can choose to keep or discard any cards.

Winning a Hand

The computer will automatically hold any winning combination. After holding cards, you can click on the draw button and the computer will replace the cards with new cards for each of your hands. The game will then pay out according to the paytable.

In Aces and Faces poker, the really big money comes from the four of a kind poker hands. To put this into perspective, a full house pays out 40 coins while whereas for of a kind involving non-face cards pays out 125 coins.

Aces and Faces Payouts

If you are lucky enough to land four jacks, queens or kings, the payout jumps to 200 coins while four aces pay out 400 coins. The highest paying poker hand is a royal flush paying out 4000 coins.

In Aces and Faces poker you also have the chance to double any of your winnings in the gamble feature. Here you simply have to choose one card out of the five on screen. If the card is higher than the card chosen by the computer, you will double your money.