Easy Mobile Game Play

Jacks or Better is the simplest variation of Video Poker and Microgaming’s version is pure class. Everything from its visual appeal and ease of use, to the great payouts are superior, making it a top choice. 

Available on our mobile platform, you have the convenience of being able to play whenever and wherever you choose, for free or the chance to win big with real money games.

In Jacks or Better a pair of jacks is the lowest ranking poker hand you can have. Anything above offers pay out of sorts, so aiming for the royal flush is key to winning the jackpot prize of 4 000 coins. No jokers or wild cards are used in this game and its supreme simplicity makes it a perfect variant for beginners. 

Enjoy Jacks or Better on the Go 

Enjoy on the go entertainment at its best as you can start building high-ranking poker hands no matter where you are! 

Technology has advanced tremendously making your mobile device the perfect platform on which to start winning with mobile casino games. At Spin Palace you can enjoy safe, fair and secure games on your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device, and can choose between instant play and downloading our state of the art app.

Getting Started with Jacks or Better

At Spin Palace Jacks or Better has an easy to use interface, where you can place your bets with ease. A bet max button is readily available to place the maximum bet automatically and one to five coins may be placed on each hand, with the coin values ranging from 0.25, up to 1.00. 

Once your bet is placed, you can begin to play. You will have two options for game play. Either manually where you press deal and select and discard your cards yourself, or you can play in auto play mode where they game deals and selects the best possible cards for you. 

Microgaming have released various versions of Jacks or Better, from single hand games to multi-hand games and you can play them all at Spin Palace. The game is played with one deck of 52 playing cards per hand, which are shuffled before each and every round. Playing multiple hands means placing matching bets on each, but multiple hands also means the possibility of multiple wins! 

How to Play Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the easier mobile casino games that has you winning with no fuss. Knowing the rules of the game assists you in getting better results, but if you wish to learn while playing the game, have a go in demo mode before risking any money. 

The popularity of Video Poker lies in the fact that it is played solo, without any intimidating players to contend with. It is a five-card poker game where five cards are dealt once the bet is placed. If you opt for manual play, simply click on any of the promising looking cards that make up, or make part of, a poker hand. The remaining cards are then discarded and you will then receive new cards in their place. At that point any poker hand that ranks as a pair of Jacks or more pays out!

Bigger Wins with Better Poker Hands

They key to a successful outcome is knowing the various poker hands and where they rank. This is how you make better-informed decisions on which cards to hold, and which cards to discard. From the highest possible ranking, look out for a royal flush; a straight flush; four of a kind; a full house; a flush; a straight and a three of a kind. The hand ranking the lowest is a pair of Jacks or Better! 

When you hold any of the poker hands ranked valid in this Video Poker variant you have the opportunity to double the winning amount with the Double or Nothing gamble feature. Activating this game means playing a quick game against the dealer, where a face up card and four face down cards are displayed on the screen. The aim is simply to pick one and hope it has a higher value than the dealers, doubling your win!

Play Jacks or Better on the move with Spin Palace mobile casino and join in the fun!