Classic Blackjack with Big Payouts



European Blackjack Gold can be played at Spin Palace casino for free or for real money, on all leading smartphones and tablets. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile are all able to run the state of the art software that’s on offer, and you can choose to download our app, or play in browser.

European Blackjack Gold is based on the classic version of Blackjack and is played with two decks of cards in every hand. The betting can range from small to big and accommodates all types of players, from novices to high rollers. 

If you want to learn how to play, Spin Palace gives you the opportunity to do so, absolutely free. As Blackjack is a game of strategy you’ll want to practice your skills, as if you know what you’re doing, you can lower the games odds and improve your winning potential!

Sophisticated European Blackjack Gold Game Play

When you play European Blackjack Gold on the go at Spin Palace the game begins with you placing your bet. The more you bet on any hand, the higher the payouts will be if you win, so wager smartly!

Once you have placed your bet on the table you will be dealt two cards and the dealer will receive two cards, with one card facing up. The aim of the game is for you to beat the dealer by having a hand of 21, or as close to as possible- without going bust!

Get to 21 On the Go

In European Blackjack Gold if you are dealt 21 this will result in an instant win. In this version of the game, the dealer cannot check to see if he has Blackjack, even if his up-facing card is an ace or a face card. 

Once the first two cards have been dealt you can take a look at the dealer’s up facing card and determine if you can beat his hand with the cards n your hand, or if you need to take another card. If you are dealt a low scoring hand, you can Hit and take another card. If your hand goes over 21, you will forfeit your bet.

Splitting your Hand

If your first two cards match, you can choose to split your hand into two. Alternatively, if you are dealt a hand of either 8 or 9, you can choose to double down. This means that your bet is doubled and you receive a single additional card. 

Doubling Down is a risky manoeuvre, but can result in some big payouts. If you have a high scoring hand like 17 or 19, you can choose to Stand and see if the dealer can beat your hand. Once you have made your decision, the dealer will flip his down-facing card and see if he can beat your hand. In this game, the dealer must hit on total of 16 or less and must stand on any total of 17 or more. 

Win with European Blackjack Gold 

European Blackjack Gold can provide you with plenty of wining opportunities and there’s a number of ways you can win big. By using strategy you can increase your chances of having the winning hand and beat the dealer on a more regular basis!

If the dealer is able to beat your hand, you will lose your bet. If your hand is higher than the dealer or if the dealer busts, you will win your bet, with a payout of 1:1. If you win with Blackjack, the payout increases to a whopping 3:2.  

Fully Customisable Mobile Blackjack

Microgaming’s European Blackjack Gold is a fully customisable game where you can bet an amount and the number of hands you want to play at any one time. There are also a number of special features that enhance your gameplay, and you can check your hand history to assess your strategy and check out other interesting game play information that will help you on your way to winning big.

For an unbeatable mobile casino experience, give European Blackjack Gold a try and discover why so many players at Spin Palace list this game as their favourite!