How to Play Isis Multi Player Pokies

Multi Player Isis online pokies isn’t a competition or a tournament, so you won’t be competing against the other players at Spin Palace.

You would enter one of the rooms, each of which accommodates up to six players. You’ll play your own game, but you’ll also be able to see the other players’ reels, and they’ll be able to see yours. While you play you can chat to each other in the chat box, making the experience all the more interactive.

Multi Player Isis Online Pokies Reel Symbols

Encounter the sun disc cradled by horns, the Eye of Ra, papyrus reeds, a carved alabaster jar, winged golden goddesses, free spin multipliers, and Isis herself when you join other players from New Zealand in this online pokies game at Spin Palace.

Other symbols that you could see on the reels include the 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A of modern playing cards. Let other players cheer you on as you spin to land the most powerful symbols on your paylines now.

Multi Player Isis Wild

Discover the power of the greatest Egyptian goddess on the reels of Multi Player Isis. Her symbol is Wild; land it, and watch her magic unfold.

The Wild can help form successful paytable combination with other reel symbols, by substituting itself for what’s needed.

Accumulate Free Spins Multipliers

The Multi Player Isis free spin multiplier symbols act a bit like Scatters. Land two or more of these on a spin, and those symbols will be yours to help multiply wins during the free spins feature.

Scatter for Communal Free Spins

Enjoy 12 free spins whenever you land hawk Scatters on the first and fifth reel, and if you’ve accumulated multipliers, and someone else lands that combination you’ll also be rewarded.

Relish the thrills of Multi Player Isis online pokies at Spin Palace New Zealand now! You'll also want to give Reel Gems and Arctic Fortune a try.