The Basics of Roulette

The name of this game actually means Little Wheel in French, and the essentials of this game are tabled upon which bets are placed, a wheel and ball. The wheel is spun, and then the ball is dropped onto it. Before the wheel stops turning, you need to place a bet on where you think they ball will be when the wheel comes to rest.

Different areas of the table are reserved for different wagers, and the wheel is divided into a number of segments. These are alternately coloured in red and blue and numbered from 1 to 36. An extra green panel labelled 0 and, in the American version, another labelled 00 make up the rest of the wheel. The American version is a little more challenging, since with the extra 00 the odds are tipped more in the house’s favour. You can bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, or on a red or black panel.

There are also more specific bets involving different groups of numbers that the ball might land on and even involving the specific number of the panel where the ball will end up. The more specific you are, the higher your odds and the greater your risk – but the greater your reward as well. This is often too exciting for the thrill-seeking players in New Zealand to resist!

Tips for playing roulette online

When you play roulette online for real money, basic strategy can increase your enjoyment of the game. One tip is to know your variants. French roulette has rules that can work in your favour. For example, with the “en prison” rule, if you place an even-money bet and the ball lands in the “0” position, your bet is carried over to the next spin, and you get your money back if you win. The “la partage” rule allows you to keep half your bet if the ball lands on 0. Another tip is to use a column-betting method: Red or black, odd or even, high or low. The house edge is much lower with these outside bets, so you can preserve your bankroll. Speaking of which, the most important tip for the online roulette game is to keep eye on your finance. Set a budget for your games and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Playing Options at Spin Palace

Players in New Zealand are very picky, and they deserve to enjoy the very best online casino games. That’s just what we deliver here, with many of the finest online Roulette tables in the country. Our fantastic graphics, trusted Random Number generation and high payout percentages simulate the game very authentically, and you’ll feel like you’re at one of the best land-based casinos in New Zealand – without the crowds and other irritations!

You can choose from several different versions of the game at Spin Palace, and you should enjoy getting to know them all and finding what works best for you. Included in our Roulette offerings are:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Roulette Royale

Microgaming has also launched a critically praised Gold Series of games, rejuvenating and revamping old casino favourites, and you can enjoy a few versions of the game in these formats as well. For even more excitement you can try the Multi-Wheel table, where you can place bets on up to 8 wheels at a time. Your only limitation is what you think you can handle.

Playing Advantages at Spin Palace

The more you play these casino games, the more you will understand and appreciate them and the better you will do. You’ll develop your own insights over time, but the Roulette games at Spin Palace are also specifically designed to help you along and make your playing experiences ever better. It’s all part of the complete package of service that we take pride in delivering!

You can check detailed statistical results and data on all bets placed with each of our games, allowing you to track winning layouts and hot numbers, and really get to know how to play to win.

It’s possible to save up to 8 layouts, so you’ll always be able to access the wagers that you personally prefer the most. When you aren’t sure what to do and are still learning the ropes of the game, you can also choose from our pre-set layout selection. To make life even easier, you can track all winning numbers in a close-up mini window and on our winning board where they are highlighted.

Roulette to Suit Every Player

The flexible betting range at all of our tables means this game can accommodate almost any player in New Zealand, which is almost essential when you consider how popular it is! If you’re ready to start playing Roulette, there’s a game ready and waiting for you. Start spinning and winning! While you're at it, don't forget to have check out Blackjack. 

Odds and payouts for online roulette

All the best online roulette games have different odds and payouts depending on how risky your bet is. The odds are higher for American roulette because it has an extra “00” position. Here’s a list to help you when you play roulette online:

A straight up bet pays out the most: 35:1 with odds of 2.60 % and 2.70% for American roulette and French and European roulette respectively.

Split bets pay out 17:1, with odds of 5.3% (American) and 5.4% (French and European).

A street bet pays out 11:1, with 7.9% (American) and 8.1% (French and European) odds.

A corner bet pays 8:1, and the odds are 10.5% (American) and 10.8%  (French and European).

Five-number bets pay out at 6:1, with 13.2% and 13.5% odds for American roulette and French and European roulette.              

A six-number bet pays out  5:1, at odds of 15.8% (American) or 16.2% (French and European).

Column bet have the lowest payouts, at 2:1, and the best odds: 31.6% (America) and 32.40% (French and European).