Play Roulette On the Move

Visit the mobile casino games lobby at Spin Palace and start winning real NZ$ by playing European Roulette Gold. This great game offers superior features and will transport you from the palm of your hand into a virtual world of spinning wheels of fortune.

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Classic Roulette at its Finest

European Roulette Gold is based on the classic version of Roulette with enhanced features and visuals to bring you the finest mobile casino games’ experience. The wheel is beautifully designed and spins smoothly at various speeds of your choosing. The graphics are sharp and clear and in addition to the realistic sound effects a soft-spoken female croupier will inform you of your results after every round.

Along with the enhanced visuals, audio, game play and more, you have additional betting options you won’t easily find anywhere else and if betting high is your aim then this is the perfect game for you. The additional betting features are quite attractive attributes. They include neighbour bets and call bets.

The European version of Roulette, which this one is based on, has a wheel with thirty-seven pockets in all. They are numbered one to thirty six and include a zero pocket. These are randomly placed around the wheel with alternating pockets being coloured red and black. The zero however is green. All of the standard betting options are available as well as the two afore mentioned additions. With so many betting options available you have many ways to win with every spin!

Microgaming are great at creating superior game features and regardless of what level of expertise you possess, when it comes to this version of Roulette, you have various game play modes to suit your needs. The expert mode is a fine feature where you have the option to customise many aspects of the mobile game. Certain settings like the volume and the speed in which the wheel spins can be adjusted for your comfort, and if you wish to trace your game play history you may do so.

The Greatest Selection of Betting Options

You have little control over where on the wheel the ball will land as that relies on luck, but you have a wide variety of different betting options with various odds on offer.  

Unlike casino games of chance like pokies, this table game relies on some skill when it comes to making the smartest bets. Knowing the various betting options really is key to winning and with the high betting limits that European Roulette Gold offers you can win big. There is no maximum bet limit for the game as a whole, as each betting option itself has its own limit. With these limits set at high amounts you are guaranteed open-ended accessibility to larger wins.

Unique Roulette Bets

The two additional betting options in European Roulette Gold are quite unique and offer you more winning chances. The neighbour bet is betting on a single number inclusive of the two neighbouring numbers adjacent to your selection. The call bet is predominantly used in expert mode as the software assists in making the better choices for you. Simply select a group of random numbers on the wheel that must be neighbouring and must not exceed nine.

You will also come across the re-bet feature that allows you to place the exact same bet on the next go with just one click or touch of the appropriate button. This is a convenient feature that removes the hassle of selecting bets manually and provides a more streamlined mobile Roulette experience.

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