Gameplay that Suits You

At Spin Palace we understand that players all have different needs and we try to give everyone the world-class playing experiences they deserve. Our mobile casino games can be played anywhere and anytime that works for you, so you never need to miss out on any winning opportunities. 

Thanks to Microgaming’s cutting edge state of the art software, you’ll enjoy fluid functionality on every mobile device and operating system, whether you download and install our casino app or you prefer to play in browser.

In addition to making the graphics and animations better, and adding authentic land-based playing sounds and chatter in the background, Microgaming has also added several player controls to the European Roulette Gold game. 

You can customise your experience and make it even more enjoyable, adjusting speed, audio and several other settings. It’s even possible to activate the AutoPlay feature, keeping the game going as you carry on with other things on the days when you are especially swamped. The rules of the game are the same, but most players at Spin Palace agree that this is the best way to enjoy it!

Playing European Roulette Gold

Players in Canada will appreciate how strictly authentic Microgaming has been in its treatment of this version of European Roulette. The house edge of these online and mobile casino games, at 2.70%, is the same as in most land-based games. This is mostly due to the fact that there is one less panel on the game’s wheel than there is in American Roulette. Along with the game guidelines, strategy tips, clear graphics and smooth gameplay, this makes the Gold Series version of the game a perfect place for beginners to start.

Easy On the Go Roulette Entertainment

In all Roulette games, a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel and players need to place bets on where the ball will be when the reel comes to rest, before it stops turning. Different bets are placed by putting money down on specific areas of the table. This is all beautifully simulated in this version of the game, and you will feel as if you are in one of the best land-based casinos in Canada.

The wheel itself is divided into 37 panels, 36 of which are alternately coloured in black and red and numbered 1 to 36. The 37th panel is green and is labelled 0, and it is this green panel that is replicated and labelled 00 in the more challenging American version of the game.

Bet to Win Big

The wagers you can place include whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, whether it will finish up in on a red or black panel. Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game Bets, as are seen in all Roulette games, as well as Neighbour Bets which require you to predict the panels that will be next to the slot that the ball actually lands in. 

You can bet on up to 9 different options at a time, each with their own maximum limitations. The Splits bets involve putting your money on different red or black number pairs, while Zero Game Bets require you to back the numbers that are closest to 0: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15. It all depends how lucky you are feeling; as you bet on fewer numbers your odds and risks go up, but so do your potential rewards. Deciding what to do should appeal to both the thinking and the thrill-seeking players in Canada.

Start Spinning and Winning

As with all of our mobile casino games, the more you play the more you’ll win! You’ll also understand and appreciate the game more, and have a lot more fun. 

Sign up at Spin Palace mobile casino, or if you are an existing member simply log in on your smartphone or tablet using your current credentials and start enjoying all that European Roulette Gold has to offer. Indulge in this casino classic whenever and wherever you choose and you could just win big!