The Best Canadian Keno Online

Here at Spin Palace we have given our Microgaming powered Online Keno a next generation gaming overhaul. This means that you our valued players will be able to enjoy smoother graphics, enhanced playability and a massive Keno payout ratio of more than 96%. For your convenience, during the draw we will highlight all winning numbers in red. This will allow you to easily track your numbers as well as any hot winning combinations that might occur across the board.

Are you ready to play Keno Online? If you've never experienced the unique excitement of playing Keno online, then you should sign up and use our Practise Play option to learn. This will allow you to learn as you play and will have you ready to play for real money and start winning big in no time at all.

Microgaming Online Keno Guide

Our Spin Palace version of Keno is a Microgaming designed and powered 80-number online board game. At first glance you will notice that the paytable is on the left of the screen, the keno board itself is in the centre and all of the Keno balls can be seen at the bottom of the game screen.

Please Note! The Keno balls are all in gold, except when they are hits.

When you are ready to start playing Keno, you will need to first select the bet you would like to make. The available bets are:

$1 Bets
$2 Bets
$5 Bets
$10 Bets

You will then need to select your Keno numbers and play a single Keno round at a time. To do this you will have to click on the “PLAY” button and the 20 Keno balls will then roll down. If you win, the amount can be seen next to your bet amount just above the “Play” button.

Please Note! If you wish to clear your Keno numbers and start a fresh betting round, you will need to click on the “Clear” button. If you clear the numbers by mistake, there is also an “Undo” button.

Pay-outs when playing with all 15 Keno numbers on our Spin Palace Keno Game are as follows:

3-4 numbers = 0.5
5 numbers = 1
6 numbers = 2
7 numbers = 5
8 numbers = 15
9 numbers = 50
10 numbers = 150
11 numbers = 300
12 numbers = 600
13 numbers = 1200
14 numbers = 2500
15 numbers = 10,000

Please Note! Pay-outs will vary depending on how many numbers you play.

So if you feel like giving slot games a short break try Keno or any of our other table games such as Roulette.