Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold Game Basics

As with all Blackjack games, the objective in Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is to get a hand total as close to 21 as possible, without going higher than this, and to beat the Dealer’s hand at the same time. The face cards are worth 10, the number cards are worth their face value, and aces are worth 1 or 11. You get to impose the ace value yourself, based on your total hand.

At the start of each round you’ll place your bet, which is allowed to go as high as 200 dollars, and then you and the Dealer will each be given a hand of 2 cards which are added together to get your hand total. The top hand in the game is 21 on the dot, or Blackjack, and you must hold an ace in your hand to get it. This version of Blackjack uses 4 standard 52-card decks.

Offline, online and mobile casino games of Vegas Strip Blackjack are all Hole card games, meaning that 1 of the Dealer’s cards will face up and the other, the Hole Card, will face down. If the face-up card is a 10 or an ace the Dealer will peek at the Hole Card to see if it makes Blackjack, and will end the round if it does.

If this is not the case, you need to look at your hand and the Dealer’s face-up card and decide what to do. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold has a comprehensive Help section and strategy charts available, which will help you to decide what to do at every turn. Your options are to Hit and get dealt another card, to Double Down on any hand and double your bet while getting dealt 1 more card, or to Split a pair into 2 hands of 1 card and be dealt another card to each.

You’ll also be allowed to Double Down after you have Split, and can Split up to 3 times. Cards are the exception to this rule, and can only be Split once. Split Aces can also only have 1 extra card dealt to each. It’s also important to note that if a 10 card is dealt to a Split Ace hand, it doesn’t count as Blackjack and is simply 21. Unlike 10 cards, or matching cards with a 10 value, can also be Split.

Once you’re happy with your Blackjack hand, you can end your turn and Stand. You can do this whenever you wish, but the Dealer hand must reach 17. You’ll be paid out if you get Blackjack, if your hand exceeds the Dealer’s but they are both under 21, or if your hand is under 21 and the Dealer’s is over.

Golden Extras

Like all of the online and mobile casino games in the Microgaming Gold Series, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold offers a truly superior experience that Spin Palace players in Canada and the rest of the world are going to love. The superb graphics and ambient background sounds will really immerse you in the action, and you can choose other sounds from a menu in the game.

You also get to choose your own playing speed from slow to medium to fast to fastest, depending how competent you are feeling. You can also choose to activate the AutoPlay function when you are very busy. Lastly, we know that players at Spin Palace will appreciate being able to take out insurance when the Dealer hand shows an ace. This will allow you to be paid out half of your original bet if the Dealer makes Blackjack.

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold On the Move

No matter where you are in Canada, these mobile casino games will take you into a world of playing and winning. Using a touchscreen makes gaming even more immersive and provides interactive and realistic gaming with every hand dealt.

If you are ready to take your playing up a few levels and enjoy one of the most recommended casino games in Canada, it’s time to play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold on the go!