Why Play Atlantic City Blackjack Online?

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to play Atlantic City Blackjack online, but the most obvious are:

  • The Number of Card Decks Used to Play the Game: Atlantic City Blackjack uses eight full decks of playing cards.
  • The Card Splitting Rule: You cannot split more than three times and if you opt to do so, you will be forced to play a maximum of four hands.
  • The Splitting Aces Rule: Even though you can only do this once, only one card will be dealt to a split Ace. Please note however that if you get dealt a ten the hand is not seen as a Blackjack hand but a 21 (which is still a strong hand).
  • The Doubling Down Rule: After you have been dealt your first two cards you may Double Down if you choose to do so. This is irrespective of what cards you are holding. You may also double down after splitting your cards.

Please Note! When playing Atlantic City Blackjack it is important to note that the Dealer will always stand on 17. However, this form of Blackjack is a “hole” game which allows the Dealer to take a peek at the cards to check for Blackjack while holding a10 or Ace.