Play Online Blackjack Your Way

Classic Blackjack can be enjoyed both as a single and multi hand game. In the single game, you’ll start out with a single deck of cards and very favourable winning odds – but in the multi hand version you’ll be playing with 5 decks and up to 5 hands for 5 times the winning potential. In Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack, the dealer will not get a hole card, and if he reveals an A, you’ll have the opportunity to take insurance as a side bet.

Better yet, you are allowed to double down on any hard 9, 10 or 11, and you can also split pairs with the exception of unlike 10 point cards. This game really does offer all the best bets and features of blackjack online!

Enjoy Massive Payouts and Top Winning Odds

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack will instantly transport you to the floor of your favourite salon privé with its sleek looks, graphics, and intuitive interface. You’ll be able to hear the buzz of the casino as you play, and enjoy a user-friendly game design in which all you need to do is click on the table to place your bets and begin the game.

Even the payouts are realistic, with a successful insurance side bet paying at 2:1 your bet. Payouts in Classic Blackjack are always even money, unless you hold a natural Blackjack which will pay a whopping 3:2!

Enjoy Classic Blackjack at Spin Palace

By choosing to play Classic Blackjack here at Spin Palace, you’ll always have sensational winning odds on your side. There’s no better place to play blackjack for real money than our online casino, so register your account and get playing to win. We’ve even got a generous welcome bonus waiting for you!