Opt for Expert Mode

Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack offers you the chance to play in Expert mode. This option has an Auto Play feature where the computer will play automatically according to a strategy card that you can customize to determine the rules for the Auto Play option.

The Rules Of The Split

You are allowed to split hands in Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack. On a pair of Aces you may split, but should you receive a 10 on those split hands, it will not count as a Blackjack; instead it will simply be a hand worth 21.

Hands may be split up to 3 times. Aces may be re-split as well but once you choose to split them, you must stand. You will only receive a single additional card.

Double Down On Hands

Players are able to double down in Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack, after you have received your first two cards. The bet on your double down will be equal to the bet you placed at the start of the round.

You may also double down after a split. But if you have a hand that equals 21 Doubling Down is not allowed.

Take Some Insurance

Vegas Downtown Multi Hand Blackjack lets you take out Insurance. The Insurance bet pays out at 2:1. If the dealer does not get Blackjack, you will forfeit the Insurance bet. The Insurance bet does not carry over to any split hands or Double Downs created, but it’s still well worth your while!

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