Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Explained

Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is masterfully designed to resemble a classic land based casino and the detail is brilliantly portrayed in the graphics and sound. Right from the moment you place your first wager you will be thoroughly immersed in smooth game play that brings in fast wins. 

The object of this Blackjack game is, as is across the board, to bet against the dealer and to reach a value of twenty-one, and have a higher valued hand than the dealer. This version is played much the same as any standard Blackjack game, with some slight variations to the rules that will keep you hooked. There is no option to surrender which may seem to be a disadvantage but this variation of the game is not for second guessing, and having to play out each hand means no chance of losing out by taking the easy way out. 

Winning is relatively easy as long as you don’t go bust. All you need to win is hold a Blackjack hand which is an ace and a face card, worth ten points, reach the value of twenty one, or have a value as close to twenty one as possible that is higher than the dealer’s hand. All of the numbered playing cards are worth their face value while the royal face cards are worth ten points and the ace card is worth either one or eleven points, depending on what your hand needs.

Enjoy the Bigger Winning Potential

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold makes use of eight decks of playing cards with each deck consisting of 52 playing cards as the jokers are removed. This brings about a whole lot of card combinations to beat the dealer with. Each round comes with the potential to split up to three times, where up to two splits can be held in one go. Immediately after any split you may double down to increase the chances of great hands for bigger wins. 

Since this version is much like other Blackjack casino games, you will have the basics down in no time if you are a beginner. It is however still in a league of its own and will give you plenty more winning opportunities with its action packed rules. There may be no option to surrender but when the dealer checks for a Blackjack hand on an ace or ten face up card you do have the option to purchase insurance. 

Game play is pretty simple and you will find the screen boasting elegant finishes with detailed graphics and all of the needed function buttons. Place your wager and click on deal to have your two cards dealt. From here the game unfolds and if a simple hit or stand is not on the cards then split or double down and aim for a winning hand. Doubling deals one more card and doubles up the wager while splitting on a pair of cards makes two hands and doubles the bet before dealing another card for each hand. 

Win Big with Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is an incredibly exciting table game and a firm favourite amongst players in Canada. It is a game that requires a little bit of skill and a little bit of strategy blended into one exciting opportunity to win big. The game features an accessible strategy chart to assist you along the way and this chart is accessible at any time during game play.  

Microgaming not only provides a fair and trusted winning opportunity but they really do transform your virtual space into a classic casino. The Gold Series has brought an extra prestige to online casino games, and Atlantic City Blackjack Gold delivers the very best playing experience possible.

No matter where you are in Canada, Spin Palace brings you the convenience of playing this fantastic variation of Blackjack online!