Exciting Additions to a Popular Blackjack Variation

There are a wide variety of ways to win more than you ever expected with Atlantic City Blackjack. Not only are there those additional exciting ways to win big, but you are also guaranteed top-notch enjoyment, as Atlantic City Blackjack is action packed and full of fun. One of the biggest additions to this variation is the fact that you play with eight full decks of 52 playing cards as opposed to the standard six full decks. Each deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled before each and every deal guaranteeing you fair chances of landing winning hands. 

Another addition is the late surrender. This means that the dealer must check for a Blackjack hand and if he or she does not have one then you have the option to have half of your stake returned for giving up your current hand. This is an advantageous feature that makes a difference in the later stages of the game. 

Online Fun with Atlantic City Blackjack

The exciting additional features of Atlantic City Blackjack add a little extra action to the game, but the main goal is much the same. The object is to bet against the dealer and have a hand that has a value of twenty one or as close to twenty one as possible, but the hand must be worth more than the dealers. All of the money on the table will be yours as long as the dealer’s hand is worth less, or goes bust before you do. 

As fun as the game is, it is important to know the rules of Atlantic City Blackjack in order to get the best results. It is a fairly simple game with some exciting rules that keep the action flowing. Some of the basic rules that will help you along include knowing that the dealer will check for a Blackjack if his face up card is a ten or ace. This is when you are allowed to surrender. If the dealer holds a hand worth seventeen he must stand, and anything less requires the dealer to hit for another card. 

You have the option to split up to three times but each new hand will require you to make an additional wager. If you wish to double down on your first two cards you may or you can do so after a split. You have the opportunity to split on aces once, which will result in more cards per hand being dealt and splitting any card valued at ten is also allowed. 

Start Playing Atlantic City Blackjack 

Atlantic City Blackjack is an interesting variant that will keep you on your toes. If however you wish to have a few practice rounds before spending any hard earned money, you can play the free mode version at Spin Palace and learn all about how the game works. These free games also give you the chance to refine your skills and strategy and improve your winning chances when you make the move to placing real money bets.

Whether you play Regular Mode or Expert Mode you will have ease of use and smooth navigations through the game, as Microgaming have a knack for creating user-friendly online casino games that have all of the right trimmings. 

Multiple hands mean more possible wins, which can truly boost your chances of winning. Another boost to your winnings is placing bigger bets. Even though the minimum bet is only $1 per hand, the more you bet, the more you will win. You can also access a basic strategy chart that was created specifically for Atlantic City Blackjack to help you along, improving your chances of having the wining hand!

Give this great game a try at Spin Palace and find out why so many Canadians prefer Atlantic City Blackjack!