Start Winning with This Classic Game

Classic Blackjack Gold boasts all of the features and aspects that make this a first choice for you to play, regardless of whether you are a seasoned aficionado or not. Some skill and strategy is required but knowing the basic rules will help you tremendously on your way to big winning action. Blackjack is a rather easy game to play and all you need to aim for is a hand of playing cards that equal to twenty one or as close to twenty one as possible, with a better hand than the dealers. 

Beating the dealer’s hand means instant wins and more money for your pocket. A simple hand of Classic Blackjack Gold can turn into an exciting round, as the game unfolds. Prepare to split, double down and buy insurance along the way!

Microgaming have delivered the most authentic experience around and with their trusted reputation of developing fair casino games you are guaranteed real winning chances. This makes each and every shuffle that occurs before a deal a fair opportunity for all. Evaluate your cards to make sure that you never go bust and beat the dealer while winning big. 

Basic Rules For a Favourable Outcome

As long as you know the basics of Blackjack you are well on your way to boosting your bankroll. 

To begin, bet within your betting range and have two playing cards dealt to you. All of the two to nine playing cards are worth their face value, while the royal cards are worth ten points and the ace card can either be valued at one point or eleven points depending on what your hand requires.

Evaluate your two cards and decide whether you wish to hit for another or stand if you have a high value already. Remember that exceeding twenty-one means going bust and the dealer must stick on a value of seventeen. There is no option for the dealer to peek at the cards he holds, but you may still buy insurance. You may double down on hard nines; tens or elevens and if you wish to split you may do so. 

Only one deck of fifty two playing cards are used minus the joker cards. These are shuffled for fair play before each deal. Classic Blackjack Gold allows you to play one hand, or anything up to five hands if you wish to play a multi-hand round with bigger winning opportunities.

Get Started with Classic Blackjack Gold

Various game settings may be adjusted to suit your needs and if you wish to play in Expert Mode you can access it straight from the main screen. Playing in Expert Mode lets you manually play the game but if you wish to sit back and watch your winnings stack up, then activate the auto play mode which plays the game for you giving you the best possible outcome.   

Everything from the speed of play to the volume of the sound effects can be adjusted to make your experience the most comfortable and enjoyable. As accommodating as the game is, so too is the betting range, so regardless of whether you are a timid player or a high rolling risk taker, you can place bets from $1 all the way up to $200!

When you play this great casino game you are guaranteed to find some of the best payouts around. Better odds of winning and basic game play makes Classic Blackjack Gold a great choice for every player!