How to Win at European Blackjack

In European Blackjack Gold you can win through two courses of action. Firstly you can beat the dealer by getting a more valuable hand than him or alternatively the dealer’s hand can go bust(exceed 21) before yours. Remember that beating the dealer is a combination of strategy and luck and it is advised that you practice online before you play for real money.

Players must take cognizance of the fact that the most important element of the game lies in the title – i.e. he or she must aim to get a hand of ‘Blackjack’. This entails attaining 2 cards – an ace and a ten. Blackjack is the most powerful hand imaginable and cannot be beaten by the dealer – however it can be matched.

Players should also take note that whilst Jacks, Queens and Kings have a value of ten, Aces can have either a value of one or eleven. The player chooses the value on the ace according to the constitution of his or her hand.

Gold Series Blackjack Game Play

The graphics have been specifically designed to enhance your play experience and our players have been most impressed by the efficiency of service offered by Spin Palace. Related to this is the opportunity for you to bank online through one of the banking services provided – and in so doing avoid cumbersome administration tasks and additional unnecessary costs relating to deposits and withdrawals.

Finally, we recommend that you construct a budget before you play. This will help you set limits and boundaries which will be of benefit to you in the long run. Good luck and have an enjoyable online experience as you play European Blackjack Gold.